10 months in France. A wonderful experience

EVS volunteering has been a great experience for me that will contribute to my personal and professional development.
During the ten months I spent in the Tambour Battant association I had the opportunity to participate in organizing and conducting some very interesting cultural activities through which I met beautiful and friendly people. I want to mention that I had an excellent collaboration with the organization’s staff and my volunteer colleagues. I also had the opportunity to explore the Alsace specific cultural space where I participated in public events, visited great places and discovered the hospitality of the locals in the visited areas.
I’m happy about everything that’s happened here because all of my previous knowledge has been harnessed and I’ve been encouraged in any activity I’ve done. Another important thing is that we have linked new friendships with friendly people with whom I will keep in touch and can join them in other youth projects or on a private visits.

I recommend to all young people the European Voluntary Service because it is a unique experience.