I am a volunteer at Tambour Battant

I chose France as the destination for my EVS because I felt like getting to know them better. I came here in Alsace and I regret nothing. I love this place, and I say this as a person who travelled in more regions of France.

I was really lucky to have great colleges in the organization who easily became my friends and with whom I will for sure keep in touch.
I currently have one month left and I live in Sélestat with another Romanian girl and two Italians. During the months I spent here, we worked with the organization for three international youth meetings with different topics : gender equality, art and dance.
We also have daily French course held by our coordinator, Eric. So if you are a beginner in French language, be sure you will make a progress.

Also, the free time was always enough for my other plans and for study. I had a lot of fun here and I hope I will make the best also from my last month.